Getting into Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine was a tool I always wanted to get into, but its high entry-level discouraged me a few times. Meanwhile, as a designer, not a programmer, I had been playing with many game creators that do not require programming skills. Starting from Game Maker, through Scirra Constructs I ended up with Unity and learning C# that was much easier to learn than C++ in UE. So, for the last few years, I’ve been working with Unity3D creating lots of prototypes and a handful of games. Not mentioning custom projects testing functions and assets.

I like it, I work with it every day on commercial projects, but when Unreal Engine 5 appeared I decided It’s time to get to know it. So, I spent last month playing with UE 4 and UE5. Doing some tutorials and courses to understand how it works and what’s the workflow. From my designer’s point of view, I must say I’m liking it even more than Unity. So many things a can make without the help of other devs. I also must admit that skills acquired with Unity work helped me understand game creation in Unreal Engine much.

After the time spent with UE, I decided I want to master it by playing with some game ideas. Here’s some of my last learning playtime with the tool by creating a prototype of a sidescroller adventure game. Have fun 🙂

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